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Hiking & Walking: Colorado > Medicine Bow and Routt National Forests > Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District

Quick Facts

Wyoming Trail

Beginning Elevation: 10,038 Feet (3129.1 Meters) at Base Camp Trailhead
Difficulty: More Difficult
Elevation Gain: 4,472 Feet (1394.0 Meters)
Ending Elevation: 9,250 Feet (2883.4 Meters) at Road 550 in Wyoming
High Point: 11,880 Feet (3703.2 Meters) at Lost Ranger Peak
Length, One-way: 49.3 Miles (82.17 Kilometers)
Other Elevation: 8,000 Feet (2493.8 Meters) low point, at Seedhouse Campground
Other Maps: Routt National Forest Map
TI Topo Maps: #116 Hahns Peak, Steamboat Lake; No Mt Zirkel Wilderness; #117 Clark, Buffalo Pass; So Mt Zirkel Wilderness; #118 Steamboat Springs, Rabbit Ears Pass
Trail Number: 1101
Usage: Light to Moderate
USGS Maps: Mt Werner; Buffalo Pass; Mt Zirkel; Farwell Mtn; West Fork Lake; Dudley Creek

Satellite and Topo Map

General Description

Aerial view from the Buffalo Pass area north into the Zirkel Wilderness
Copyright: - US Forest Service
Aerial view from the Buffalo Pass area north into the Zirkel Wilderness

This area was affected by a large tree blowdown. Contact the Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District for current conditions.

Most of this trail follows the Continental Divide and thus offers views both east and west, into North Park and major drainages flowing west. It also extends for 20 miles inside the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness area much of which is above timberline. This trail offers day hikes, overnight trips or extended overnight trips. The trail crosses many boggy areas, some which are over 1 mile in length. Users should be prepared for weather extremes at all times of the year. Snow covers portions of the trail until late July during some years. The trail between the Divide and Gold Creek is difficult to follow. On the USGS Quads, the trail is labeled as "Wyoming Trail, Jeep Trail, Stock Driveway and Fireline Trail".

NARRATIVE: At the south end, the Wyoming Trail begins down an old jeep road that steers steeply down for about half a mile, through a grassy valley meadow and then up to Fishhook Lake after another mile. Continuing on the trail, a bit later you come to a fork where you may take a short walk right, to Lost Lake. The next lake the trail will encounter is Lake Elmo (mile 3.3). The Wyoming Trail will shortly intersect trail 1102, Fish Creek Trail, to the left, and trail 1134, Percy Lake Trail, to the right and will pass close by Round Lake. It follows the Divide north past Grizzly Lake until it joins the Fish Creek Reservoir Road 1 mile south of Buffalo Pass. Follow the road north to Buffalo Pass Road (mile 9.6) and rejoin the trail 100 yards west of the summit. Follow the old jeep trail north (limited ONLY to foot and horseback from this point) crisscrossing the Divide, going just left of Mt. Ethel's summit and right over Lost Ranger Peak. The trail drops off the Divide into Gold Creek to Slavonia. It will parallel the Seedhouse Road on the north side for about three miles (now at mile 29.9) before turning north (onto Forest Road 433) across English and Lost Dog Creeks. Go north four miles to a left fork. This old jeep trail will continue north up the Trail Creek Drainage. This is also a stock driveway. You will climb out of Trail Creek to rejoin the Continental Divide. From here the Wyoming Trail follows the Fireline Stock Driveway and the Divide to the crossing of Forest Road #550 in the Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. At this point the trail is at mile 49.3.

NOTE: This is a very brief guideline to this trail and is not intended to take the place of mountaineering skills, compass, and topographic maps of the area. Be familiar with backpacking and mountain weather before engaging on any backpack trip.

Trail #1101

*From BASE CAMP Trailhead to trails 1102/1134 intersection is open to mechanized-use.

*From 1102/1134 intersection to Buffalo Pass is open to mechanized and motorized-use (ATVs and motorcycle).

**Upon entering the Mount Zirkel Wilderness, equestrian & foot travel only.

*From the Slavonia Trailhead following Road 400, Road 433 and onto 1101, mechanized and motorized-use is open (ATVs and motorcycle).


As humans, we must minimize our impacts to help preserve this resource for present and future generations.

Directions from Steamboat Springs: ACCESS #1: Travel southeast on US HWY 40 for 19 miles, up Rabbit Ears Pass, to the Dumont Lake sign. Turn left (north) at this sign (FDR 315) and continue about 1.5 miles to the old Rabbit Ears stone monument. Turn left here (FDR 311-Base Camp Road) and drive 4.5 miles on this bumpy dirt road to the Base Camp TH.*There is no defined route to the east or west--only travel to the north along CDNST is possible from this access point.

Directions from Steamboat Springs: ACCESS #2: Travel west of to County Road 129, Elk River Road. Turn right on this road and travel approximately 30 miles to the junction of County Road 129 and Forest Road 550. Take the right fork (#550) through Crane and Whiskey Parks into Wyoming for about 1 mile to the Continental Divide. The trail goes to the east (right) and is marked by black and yellow signs identifying the center of the stock driveway.

Seasonal Information:
Normally Accessible: Mid-Summer through Fall (NOTE: Accessibility depends on snow depth and weather. Portions of this trail may be covered with snow until Late July.) .

Current Conditions & Trip Reports

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Filed By: Gerald Hann (Buffalo Grove, IL)
Time of Day: noon to 1PM on 8/4 and 9AM to 5PM on 8/5
Length of Time: 9 hours from Crags Trail to Gold Creek Lake Trail
Difficulty: Moderate
Number of People Encountered: 0-10 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly
Report: We met up with the Wyoming trail from Crags Trail (1182). The trail here is mostly above the timberline and there is not as much vegetation as was found on the trails below. Great views of The Dome and Mount Ethel are quite striking, since there are no trees to block the view. We exited to Rainbow Lake Trail (1130) and camped above Upper Slide Lake for the night. In the morning, we continued on the Wyoming Trail and on to Lost Ranger Peak. After a snack and drying of wet gear, we continued to descend with more great views. We hiked to some fire damaged dead trees for cover from the sun for lunch. This area overlooked a meadow and was full of wildflowers. As we descended, more and more trees were seen and soon we were in the forest. The most backpackers we seen were found here and we knew we were getting close to civilization. We continued on to Gold Creek Lake Trail (1150) where we camped for the night.
Conditions: Soon as we arrived at the intersection of the Wyoming Trail, we noticed a thunderstorm approaching. We headed for some cover of what trees we could find and got out the rain gear. After the rain, hail, thunder and lightning had passed we ducked on to a side trail to camp for the night. What a difference in the weather in the morning with a beautiful blue sky. The trail before Lost Ranger Peak was snow covered in two small places even in August. Here the trail was hard to follow and needs more cairns. After some searching in the distance towards Lost Ranger Peak, the trail was found. As we descended, the trail became very soggy and was hard to follow again. This time it was due to low bushes and swampy grasses. We were soon out on a solid trail again by a small bubbling (carbon dioxide?) spring.
Water Availability: More water than was expected was found and some times not far off the continental divide. We each carried 2 liters from Luna Lake and had plenty to get to Upper Slide Lake. In the morning, we filled up with filtered water at a small stream just below the Wyoming Trail.
Recommended Clothing: Rain gear is needed for possible showers. Try to travel early in the day and avoid afternoon thunderstorms.
Suggested Accessories: GPS and/or map and compass. The trail is very hard to follow across snow and long meadows.

Filed By: Steve Green (Littleton, CO)
Time of Day: 9AM
Length of Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Number of People Encountered: 0-10 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly
Report: I went over this on the KLR 650 from the north after camping near Cowdrey the night before. Taking FR 499 south from just inside Wyoming you skirt the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness area to crest the Sierra Madre north of Hahns Peak and the great Blowdown area. There are numerous wet bog areas where one needs to look before you leap and one long medium steep easy hill. Not a hard road, but very lonely on the north side. The northside forest is kinda spooky and haunted appearing. Especially doing it alone like I normally do. Didn't see anyone. A remote outa the way seldom frequented pass.

Recreation Opportunities
Activity Remarks On Site
ICON Backpacking Be aware, portions of the Wyoming Trail are open to mechanized and motorized travel in addition to foot and horse travel.
ICON Fishing Lakes and streams encountered along trail.
ICON Hiking & Walking Be aware, portions of the Wyoming Trail are open to mechanized and motorized travel in addition to foot and horse travel.
ICON Horseback Riding Be aware, portions of the Wyoming Trail are open to mechanized and motorized travel in addition to foot and horse travel.
ICON Mountain Biking Only certain sections of the Wyoming Trail are open to mechanized (bicycle) travel.
ICON ATV Riding Only certain sections of the Wyoming Trail are open to motorized travel.
ICON Viewing Scenery Panoramic views along portions of this trail.

Related Activities
Dumont Lake Campground - Dumont Lake Campground is located 22 miles southeast of Steamboat Springs on Rabbit Ears Pass at an elevation of 9,500 feet.

Fish Creek Trail - The Fish Creek Trail is located just east of Steamboat Springs. It leads past Fish Creek Falls, up Fish Creek, to Trail #1101 at the Continental Divide.

Gold Creek Lake Trail - This trail leads from the Slavonia Trailhead north of Steamboat Springs, up Gold Creek to Gold Creek Lake. The trail can then link to either the Wyoming Trail of Gilpin Lake Trail.

Luna Lake Trail - Luna Lake Trail is located north of Steamboat Springs in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness. The trail can be accessed from either the east or the west end.

Mountain View Trail - The Mountain View Trail, west of Steamboat Springs, connects the Steamboat Ski Area (Mt. Werner) with Long Lake. Its predominant use will likely be mountain biking.

North Lake Trail - This trail north of Steamboat Springs, in the Slavonia area, leads from Forest Road 443 up past North Lake. It eventually links to the Wyoming Trail #1101, on the Continental Divide.

Seedhouse Campground - This area was affected by a large tree blowdown. Contact the Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District for current conditions. Seedhouse Campground is located miles north of Steamboat Springs, on the upper Elk River, at an elevation of 8,000 feet.

Slovonia Trailhead - The Slavonia Trailhead is located north of Steamboat Springs, at the end of Seedhouse Road. It directly accesses the Gilpin Lake Trail #1161 and the Gold Creek Lake Trail #1150.

Summit Lake Campground - Summit Lake Campground is located northeast of Steamboat Springs, on Buffalo Pass, at an elevation of 10,300 feet.

Three Island Lake Trail - This area was affected by a large tree blowdown. Contact the Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District for current conditions. This trail north of Steamboat Springs leads from Forest Road 443, near Seedhouse Campground, up past Three Island Lake, and eventually to the Wyoming Trail #1101, at the Continental Divide.

More Information

Visitor Information:

Hahns Peak/Bears Ears Ranger District, 925 Weiss Drive , Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487, Phone: 970-879-1870, Fax: 970-879-2147


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