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Crater of Diamonds State Park

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General Information

Examples of diamonds
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Examples of diamonds
Description - Crater of Diamonds State Park is located in southwestern Arkansas. Crater of Diamonds offers visitors the chance to hunt for and keep real diamonds. Camping and picnicking facilities are also available.

Attractions - Crater of Diamonds State Park allows visitors the opportunity to hunt for and keep real diamonds. Visitors can search a 36-acre field, the world's only diamond site where you can prospect for and keep any gems you find. Amethyst, garnet, jasper, agate, and quartz are examples of other gems that are found. Since Crater became a park in 1972, over 22,000 diamonds have been carried home by visitors.

Prospectors enter the field through the park visitor center that includes exhibits and an A/V program explaining the area's geology and tips on recognizing diamonds in the rough. Park staff provide free identification and certification of diamonds. Digging tools are available for rent.

The park also offers 60 campsites, picnic sites, a cafe, laundry, gift shop, trail, interpretive programs and a water play area.

Recreation - Prospecting for diamonds is the primary activity at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Visitors will also find camping, picnicking and hiking. Interpretive programs are offered as well.

Climate - Arkansas has a temperate climate with the coldest temperatures near freezing during December, January and February. Daytime highs for these months usually reach 55 degrees F. Spring and fall temperatures are very mild with lows dipping to 44 degrees F and highs reaching 70 degrees F. July and August are the hottest months of the year with average temperatures reaching 90 degrees F. June and September average temperatures usually reach into the mid-eighties. Spring and winter months are the wettest of the year.

Location - Crater of Diamonds State Park is located in the Gulf Coastal Plain Region of southwestern Arkansas. The park is found two miles southeast of Murfreesboro on Arkansas Hwy. 301.

Current Conditions & Trip Reports

Trip Reports:
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Filed By: Gail Dunlap (Houston, TX)
Number of People Encountered: 0-10 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly
Report: We went in a Motorhome with a 6 year old (boy) and a 10 year old (girl) and had one of the BEST times we've ever had. All the mud,rain,sun was well worth it and we will be going back. Next year we are taking the other three Granddaughters (all 5yrs) and we can't wait.

Filed By: Stargazer
Number of People Encountered: 11-25 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly
Report: Camp in the Campground, but bring a trailer or a free-standing tent. It hadn't rained in weeks (months?) and the "required" tent site bent my best stakes (you know, the kind the Army uses with pup tents?). Rangers are rather inflexible on tent sites... Bring anything you'll need or be prepared to pay extra to find it in Murfeesboro (which is not a very large town and it doesn't have many stores from which to choose). Deluxe Visitor's Center and bathrooms eventually lead to an open (plowed monthly?) field of either volcanic mud [picture peanut butter which has to be scraped off with a putty knife] or vocanic crusted dirt [picture almost concrete], depending upon rainfall. Bring extra money for everything: $6.00 each to get in; $3.00 for an entrenching tool; $30.00 for a set of screens, 5-gallon bucket; entrenching tool; and wheels, $5.00 each for the Water Park; etc... I highly recommend old boots and clothing you don't mind pitching into the trash at the end of the day (or week, if you're really a gung-ho diamond hunter). Mine would stand by itself by the third day. Bring your own bucket and shovel to save money, especially if you come with a large family -- every kid will want a shovel, and you know what that will cost... Try not to look like a tourist. Find the shade and work there, if possible. Don't wear anything white or it will turn green (the color of volcanic mud). Watch the video before your first "field" experience (it's free). Watch where you step -- there are holes and other hazards in certain spots. Late Summer is dry and HOT [the guy at the Visitor's Center told me, "... we don't generally call it "hot" unless it's in the triple-digits around here..." IT'S HOT in late Summer. Winter is normally cool or cold and wet. Muck boots and neoprene gloves will come in handy if you plan to spend much time out there. Kids will be BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS after the first hour (if they last that long), so if you're in this for the long-haul, send them to the Snack Bar or the Water Park (Summer only), or better yet -- bring the grandparents to babysit at the campsite. It's 60 miles to the nearest WALMART. A five-gallon bucket "in hand" is worth a tank full of gas and several hours to go get one for $3.89 at WALMART... Folks who find diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park don't talk about their methods. Park Rangers and other staff are generally rude. We called the one with the long dark hair in the ranger suit the, "Ditch Witch." Be prepared for almost anything you think looks like a diamond to be "Quartz." Sorry, I don't make the rules... What can I say? It's a cheap vacation and you'll probably lose ten pounds doing it. Save some of the volcanic mud in your Gatorade bottle (just dip your arm into the bottom of one of the many sifting vats). It's probably the most valuable thing you'll find in the field, and it makes your skin feel very smooth. Some say it cures many skin ailments. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Enjoy.

Filed By: Kayan (Owensboro, Ky)
Number of People Encountered: 11-25 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Neutral
Report: This is one place you don't want to go in the middle of summer. We braved 115 degree temps. with the heat index. I don't know when they last had rain, so it was dry, hot, and dusty. We could only endure about 4 hours of trying to find the mother load. Needless to say, we only left with a sack full of rocks we will use for decoration. The town of Murfreesboro has little to offer, so be prepared to spend quiet quality time with your party, which we did. I'd love to go again, but not in the summer.

Number of People Encountered: 25-50 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Neutral
Report: Pay to enter park, Pay to rent bucket, Pay to enter water park. Very Hot (98)in an open field digging in hard soil. Place soil in bucket and carry 100 yds to washing station. Screen, shake, wash then look. Nothing, Repeat again and again. Did not find any stones worth keeping. Cost $40.00 plus a gallon of sweat for a family of 4. Family time = Priceless.

Filed By: John Beauchamp
Number of People Encountered: 25-50 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Not Recommended
Report: Talk about a miserable experience!!! We went to this park in mid-summer, when it was in the high 90's with about 80% humidity. While we didnt find any diamonds or any other rare gems, we were enundated with a blizzard of dust which blended nicely with out sweat drenched bodies. You are given a bucket and a spade (basically) and are sent into this huge field and told to dig for these diamonds which supposedly exist there. If you enjoy searching for unicorns or dragons, in conditions resembling hell, this might be the place for you. While I truly enjoy the outdoors, my advice is that if you want a diamond, go to Zales or some other retailer. If you want beautiful scenery, head on up into the Ozarks and you will be awed beyond your wildest dreams.

Filed By: Russell S. Campbell SFC US Army (Killeen, TX)
Number of People Encountered: 25-50 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly
Report: The Park is the core of an ancient volcanoe that has been worn down, and exposed to the surface. It is laden with diamond bearing soil. Go in get briefed on "how to" and dig up your own rock for that special someone, and even if you don't find a diamond, you'll have good excersise and fresh piney air. Great fun for all ages and interests, good outdoor NON-Nitendo fun for kids and families. Camp sites were the cleanest and best served I've seen on 6 continents. Great little breakfast at the snack-bar, with very professional staff on hand for diamond digging questions. Get there during the weekdays for best selection of sites. I'm returning there the third week of May for some fun with my spouse after all the "desert" fun and games I've had.

More Information

Contact Information:
Crater of Diamonds State Park, 209 State Park Road , Murfreesboro, AR, 71958, Phone: 870-285-3113
, crater@arkansas.com

Additional Information:
Arkansas State Parks - Arkansas's beautiful natural resources and history can be found in over 50 state parks and museums throughout the state.
Gulf Coastal Plain Region - The Gulf Coastal Plain Region consists of the southwestern portion of Arkansas. The Region offers thirteen State Parks and two Wildlife Refuges to explore.

Arkansas State Parks - Official Arkansas State Parks website.


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