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Moose Point State Park

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General Information

Moose Point State Park
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Moose Point State Park
Description - Moose Point State Park is located on US 1 between Belfast and Searsport. The park is a relaxing get away from the busy, populated area. Visitors enjoy exploring the evergreen forest, tidal pools and viewing the beautiful Penobscot Bay. There is a short ocean-side trail which takes about 10 minutes to walk. Or you may choose to loop around to the interior of the park and this takes about 25 minutes to walk.

This park is not necessarily a "destination spot" for the traveler but rather a nice place to get off the road and relax a few minutes. Clean restrooms and sunny picnic tables are located beside the small parking lot. Interestingly, there is a bike rack, but bikes are not permitted on the trails. However, Rt. 1 has a bike lane.

Attractions - Moose Point State Park offers 183 acres of bayside land for relaxing, picnicking and sight seeing. The park is located on US 1 between Belfast and Searsport.

Recreation - Moose Point State Park is a wonderful escape from the populated area of Mid Coast Maine. Visitors enjoy exploring the evergreen forest, tidal pools and viewing the beautiful Penobscot Bay. Nature photography and viewing scenery are enjoyed from Memorial Day through October 1.

Climate - The summer vacation haven of Mid Coast Maine sees winter temperatures averaging above 18 degrees Fahrenheit (below -12 Celsius) and average summer temperatures above 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 Celsius). The Mid Coast Region receives on the average less than 38 inches (97 centimeters) of precipitation each year.

Location - Moose Point State Park is on US 1 between Belfast and Searsport. Signage is excellent.

Seasonal Information:
Normally Open: Memorial Day Weekend through September.

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Filed By: Marianne Williams (Belfast, ME)
Number of People Encountered: 0-10 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly
Report: For the past few years I have been a frequent visitor to Moose Point Park, in particular during the off-season. I take fast-paced "power" walks, I cross-country ski, I have snow-shoed, and just walked along the beach and - I always sit on one of the many benches by the edge of the ocean and enjoy the splendor of the sun reflected on the water, the variety of wave patterns from the wind and tide, and the distant views of the land to the East and South. The Park is one of the most treasured and uncrowded state parks I have ever experienced, and I appreciate it being so close in my neighborhood. Two things strike me as a constant annoyance and wonder if a few signs may help to correct the situation: 1) Parking during off-season. People are so spatially handicapped they do not seem to understand that the "turn-around" space you have provided by the closed gate should not be used for parking, but rather for everyone to use for - turning around. Would a small sign there help? "Do not Park in Turn-aound".... 2) Some Dog owners' lack of responsible behaviour. The number of dog owners who enjpy taking their dogs to the park for exercise is large; their irresponsible attitude regarding the droppings leaves much to be desired! It is specially obvious when the snow begins to melt, and the entire park has a pungent odor of melting canine fecal matter. It is not only unpleasant but un-hygenic; other people may be bringing their children and e-coli bacteria is a serirous health-hazard. Would a sign help?: "Please act responsibly with your dog droppings, pick them up and take them with you". While I lived in Colorado I learned of the town of Boulder's solution of all the enormous amount of canine fecal matter in the many parks, and instituted the same program in the little town where I lived. The town's park department loves to set up and manage the boxes of free doggie bags next to a trash barrell at the entrance to every single park in town - instead of having to shovel and rake the smelly droppings. Adults and children can walk without having to look down on the ground for fear of "stepping in it". It was a fine solution. I suggested dog license fees could be increased by a few dollars to pay for the program, but the park department claimed they saved so much with the decreased clean up work, that it was not necessary! In addition, dog-owners who let their dogs off their leash - and cannot control them by voice - should not be allowed into the park! I had the unpleasant experience of walking with an older (early 70's) lady friend who is about to have knee surgery, and a rambunctious lab came running toward us directly off the dirty beach and mud, at top speed, while the owner did not take my warning, "stop your dog", very seriously, and we were helpless in trying to stop this on-coming black, slobbering and muddy "locomotive" almost running us down. Our jackets were covered in mud, and my friend was shaking from having barely been able to withstand the weight of the animal smashing up against her. Luckily she did not fall over. As the pathetic dog-owner, a man in his 40s came up he apologized and I told him if he cannot control his dog by voice he should have it on a leash, at which he commented that I was getting ridiculous. That did not go over with me very well, so I gave him my full opinion of his irresponsible behavious and of my lady friend's knee condition and - the fact that both of us had our clothing totally mud-covered from his dog. It was not a pleasant experience. Not only had we been dodging the smelly and mushy dog droppings all along, but had to have a shouting match with a totally un-educated dog owner during what should have been our much needed break from work and bit of fresh air. Could there be a sign : "Leash your dog while in the park". Amazingly, I like dogs....it is just the dog-OWNERS with whom I have a problem. The park is a gem. I hope my comments are of some constructive use. Please feel free to call or email me. Marianne Williams.

More Information

Contact Information:
Moose Point State Park, 310 West Main Street , Searsport, ME, 04974, Phone: 207-548-2882

Additional Information:
Maine State Parks & Public Reserved Lands - Maine's State Parks and Public Reserved Lands are managed for recreation, wildlife and timber. State Historic Sites preserve the rich heritage of the American Revolution and Civil War.
Mid Coast Region - Mid Coast Maine may be the busiest of the coastal vacation spots with literally thousands of tiny rock laden coves and islands along the Atlantic Ocean.

Moose Point State Park - Official agency Website


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