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Negwegon State Park

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General Information

Black-eyed Susans, Goldenrod and Queen Anne's Lace decorate the late summer meadows
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Black-eyed Susans, Goldenrod and Queen Anne's Lace decorate the late summer meadows
Description - Negwegon State Park is located on the beautiful shores of Thunder Bay, Lake Huron. The terrain is a mixture of lowlands with small ridges dominated by mature pine forest and a mixture of commons hardwoods and aspen forest. Pockets of open meadow are found throughout.

Attractions - Negwegon State Park has no developed facilities. Hikers and hunters are welcome. Goose season in southeast Michigan begins on September 1. Wild turkey hunting is permitted with appropriate permit during the appropriate season. The park boasts excellent white-tailed deer, wild turkey and rabbit hunting. Other game include woodcock, duck, goose, and squirrel.

Hikers are advised to wear blaze orange.

Recreation - Hunting and hiking are the extent of recreations afforded at Negwegon State Park.

Climate - Northern Michigan normally experiences mild summers with average temperatures around 70 degrees F (21 degrees C). Winter temperatures average 14 - 22 degrees F (-10 to -6 degrees C). Yearly rain and snowmelt in the region averages 28 - 36 inches but can be dramatically altered by the "lake effect," thus depositing significant amounts of snow within a short period of time causing hazardous road conditions.

Location - Negwegon State Park is located on the shores of Lake Huron's Thunder Bay. To reach the park travel US-23 for 12 miles north of Harrisville to Black River Road. Go east on Black River Road for 1.5 miles. Drive north on Sandhill Road (an unmarked road) for 2.5 miles. Travel east on a gravel road for 1.25 miles to reach the park property.

Current Conditions & Trip Reports

Trip Reports:
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Filed By: JOe (Bay City, MI)
Number of People Encountered: 0-10 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly
Report: This is a beautiful park, and a gorgueos beach, but the road is horribly maintained and the there are no signs marking the way. The only sign you will see is after the drive down the sandy two track. The DNR should really do something to make this area more user friendly!

Filed By: Christopher Williams (Alpena, MI)
Number of People Encountered: 0-10 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Not Recommended
Report: I have been going to Negwegon for years and I do recomend it, it is unlike anywhere in the NE michigan area. I just wanted to give a word of warning to anyone who is going out there with out a four wheel drive vehicle. Last summer I totaled my car on the path to Negwegon by filling it up with sand. Unless you have a 4 wheel drive I would not suggest trying to make it there.

Number of People Encountered: 11-25 ppl
Recommend to a Friend: Highly

More Information

Contact Information:
Negwegon State Park, 248 State Park Road , Harrisville, MI, 48740, Phone: 517-739-7407

Additional Information:
Michigan State Parks and Forests - Everything that makes Michigan special is embodied in the 96 State Parks. Boasting sterling recreation, Michigan State Parks and Forests invite you to enjoy one of their 14,000 campsites, 170 winter-sport areas and infinite rivers, streams, and lakes.
Northern Michigan - Flat agricultural and industrial lands of southern Michigan evolve into scenic rolling glacial hillsides covered with hardwoods and conifers and bisected by some of the state's largest waterways including the famed Au Sable and Thunder Bay rivers.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Official agency website.

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